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Maasai Mara


Shortly after arriving in Nairobi, I remember telling a friend that I was all “safaried-out” with about the same amount of arrogance a Parisian would talk about the Eiffel Tower or a New Yorker would the Empire State building. Having grown up in Uganda, whenever someone talked about going to visit a national park I had to fight to urge to yawn. I thought that after seeing Queen Elizabeth in Uganda and Kruger in South Africa, I had seen enough. But when I came across a ridiculously cheap package deal to visit the Maasai Mara,  I ate humble pie and asked said friend to join me. I went with my sister and the funniest group of people I’ve ever met. I’ll never forget that trip.

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This is not safari-lite. Don’t go the park expecting to find animals with manicured nails fed on half-cooked meat. I could smell this glorious lioness from yards away. And yes, those are flies on her lower back. We happened to go during the wildebeest migration so when I say these beasts were everywhere, I mean exactly that. They’re not the most beautiful creatures I’ve seen but they are quite organised and often move in a straight line.

I have to say that after looking at videos and photos of Masaai men jumping higher than the average person’s height, I was slightly disappointed with these men’s dancing. Even though the media might be selling dreams, it would’ve been nice to leave the place in owe at how high they can jump and how low they bend to get into their tiny houses.

I’ll close this post with one reason why you should visit the Mara. It’s size! It’s big enough to have almost every animal you’ve ever dreamed of but not too large for  you to actually see any of them. I remember nearly driving to Mozambique before seeing anything at Kruger National Park. It was well worth it, but my experience in the Mara far exceeded it. I also love how ‘well-mannered’ the animals are! Notice how they all stopped and posed for my camera?

Never say never. I’d  probably do it again.



And, we’re back!


WOW! I can’t believe it’s been over a year since my last real post. Time flies! While I thought I would start this post with an explanation for my hiatus, I’ll just leave it at, “Life got in the way.” I’ve had another fortunate year filled with new adventures that I can’t wait to share. I have quite the back log so I hope you’re ready.

Instead of dwelling on why I left, I’m going to explain why I’m officially back. Every time I see a new place, I feel genuine happiness and a sense of fulfillment which I try to relive every now and then by looking through my old photos. So last week, I was trying to ‘go back to New York’ and found a disappointing display of foreheads and blurry skylines. Who’s phone is this?

I started to look at older photos for reassurance, hope, a decent photo,anything…Nada! As fate would have it, last July I forgot my little camera at home while going on a trip to the Masaai Mara and my laziness has since escalated into a few selfies and a more I’d-rather-just-look-for-the-mall approach to new cities. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Pencil eventually started getting forgotten too. Kiki kino? I once read that travel blogging helps you become a more intentional and attentive traveler.  Although I can’t deny that I had a great time in the Big Apple, I have to say that I have almost nothing to show for it. It turns out that travelling inspired me to blog but blogging inspired me to travel.

And now, for my low-key Oscar acceptance speech!

Before I relaunch this little blog affair, I just want to take a moment to thank you for coming back to this page every so often. I kept receiving updates from WordPress about the number of daily visitors I was receiving over the past year and I am honestly humbled by your interest. Thank you for coming here even on days when I myself didn’t remember to.

Anyway, starting today I’m declaring war! Say no to laziness! Say yes to adventure! And come back here for some travel and food inspiration!

Bisous! (Is this my thing now? ;-) )

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Let’s talk

Sigh! I’m too young to retire. But I’m not too young for a sabbatical. :-) I recently moved to Nairobi to do an internship for the summer (which happens to be winter here) and I am finding it extremely hard to write and concentrate on working hard and making a good impression. Bref,  I will be taking a break from blogging. I hope that you’ll take good care of yourself while I’m “away”. I’ll continue to log in from time to time and quietly stalk your blogs like a good friend would. Also, thank you so much for reading my posts. My readership has continued to grow and I keep asking myself why on earth you find any of this interesting, but I truly thank you for coming here to listen to me. Thank you for sharing, reblogging and liking my posts and Facebook page. I would say I love you, but I’ll keep it light and say you mean a lot to me. Take care of yourselves, I need you alive when I get back. Bisous et à plus tard !

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Allow me to introduce you to Portugal’s  best kept secret. The name Francesinha means “Little French girl” and this Portuguese sandwich has almost every kind of meat you can imagine; ham, sausage, steak and linguica. It is covered in cheese and served with beer sauce and french fries. Restaurante Regaleria in Porto is where the first plate Francesinha was served. The story behind the sandwich is that a Portuguese chef returned from France after living there for some time and found Portuguese girls to be ‘colder’ than French girls. So he created this sandwich and served it with a very spicy sauce to ‘warm the Portuguese women up’ and make them take their clothes off (I know, PG 18). I’m just the messenger!



Port Wine or “Vinho do Porto” is a strong fortified wine produced in the Douro Valley in northern Portugal. It’s usually dry  and has a little bit of rum added to it, if you ask me. That’s probably why I really loved it. I hope you will try these if ever you come across them on your menu.

Port Wine

Thanks for reading!


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The Atomium

This trip was a total accident. When I was booking my ticket to go to France in January, I didn’t pay any attention to the return leg of the journey. So about one month ago, while I was getting ready to come back home, I noticed that I had a 22 hour lay over in Brussels. But when life gives you lemons, you turn them into your first lay over adventure. I landed in Brussels at about 1pm local time and didn’t waste a single second. I took a cab straight to my hotel for the night, dropped my hand luggage, touched up my make up (yes, I’m that girl) and headed straight into the city.

I want to live in Brussels at some point in this life. That basically sums up how I feel about Brussels. It’s exactly what I like in a city. It’s big but not too big, beautiful but not too glamorous, not the cheapest but not too pricey and most importantly, you can easily get around without having to go underground. So knowing that I only had about six hours of day light, I went straight to the Atomium and Mini Europe Park. I saw mini versions the major sites of at least 50 European countries  and I think it was a lovely way to close my first session of European travels.

One of other reasons I fell in love with Brussels was the bilingual nature of the city. Almost everyone speaks both French and Dutch and they flow seamlessly between the two. Even the tram lady says the name of each stop in French and in Dutch. It’s fascinating to see how the same word changes in pronunciation and spelling. But that might just be because I’m in a committed relationship with languages.

After walking across the entire continent, my legs gave way and I had to run straight home to bed (yes, even Superwoman needs sleep). I planned to eat a nice dinner somewhere but my exhaustion led me to settle for a snack. I was tickled to discover that what we call “un kebab” in France means absolutely nothing in Brussels. Nevertheless, the Spanish people from Barcelona taught me how to use my hands so I was able to get some variation of my favourite snack.


I hope this story has inspired to take a slightly longer flight and explore a new city on your next trip.

Thank you for reading!

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It’s been at least two weeks since I last posted and I’m ashamed at how lazy I’ve been to post something. Forgive me, that’s also the exact amount of time I’ve been in the motherland and I’ve been too busy stuffing my face to make up for lost weight. Anyways, let’s talk about Porto.I loved it. Absolutely loved it. The people have such a laid back vibe, which is something I needed around the time I went to Porto. It’s a side of Europe that you really need to see. The tiled buildings with bright orange roofs really make you feel at home.


If you’re in Europe on a relatively low budget, I would say Porto is the place to visit. The city is the perfect size so all the major tourist sites are within walking distance. Plus there is a free walking tour everyday twice a day organised by Wild Walkers Tours. Dining in a  nice restaurant won’t cost you no more than 15 euros total so eat up, my friends. The city won’t overwhelm you with glamour and it’s not too touristy, it’s more about the culture there.

If you thought the French “n” was nasal, meet the Portuguese “ã” and “õ”. This has got to be the most interesting sound I’ve heard in my entire life. Please insert these words into Google Translate and click for the audio (or ask your Portuguese friend to say these words) “Estádio do Dragão” or “comunicação.” Our tour guide told us that Portuguese is Spanish with a Russian accent and I completely concur. You really have to try Port Wine and Francesinha if you visit any city in Portugal. A post about these two will be coming soon (Lord knows my food section needs some resuscitation).

Thanks for reading (and for waiting)!
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